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By employing the most cutting-edge driving techniques and strategies, our qualified professionals concentrate on making you a skilled driver. Our committed team ensures you get the most pleasurable learning experience imaginable because we have been in the business for more years.


Our instructors have industry experience and deliver outcomes quickly and affordably. We take pleasure in assisting and supporting people as they acquire the skills required to obtain licences. We expand the variety of work opportunities, career transitions, and advancements.

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We provide heavy vehicle driver training experts, offering courses for truck driver training.

We are one of the greatest truck driving schools in Brisbane with driving instructors that attempt to provide the best instruction at the best possible cost for driving classes. With Truck License Brisbane driving school, we offer quality truck driving instruction at a competitive price.

We offer truck training for Light Rigid and Medium Rigid licenses and more. Our maneuver and mock test lesson can help you prepare for your on-road practical driving test if you seek something more specialised.

We specialise in giving all aspiring drivers customised driving courses, rapidly evaluating their skill level before offering thorough driving lessons and training to meet their unique needs and degree of proficiency. Our Truck License Brisbane team places a high value on client happiness.

Our qualified instructors and assessors have delivered driver training for many years. Our enormous collective experience in the transportation sector is balanced by their dedication to providing training that is both affordable and effective, ensuring high standards for driver performance and test outcomes.

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Why take a driving course at Truck Licence Brisbane?

Truck Licence Brisbane

Our Truck driving schools in Brisbane objective is to raise your proficiency level to the point where you can pass your exam and receive your HR or MR license. Brisbane driving school students from all over come to Truck License Brisbane for truck training. We provide to help you become certified quickly and easily.

  • Our significant background in driving education
  • Devoted private instruction
  • Customised truck lessons to accommodate different skill levels
  • Affordable truck driving school costs
  • 95 to 96% average test success rate
  • Neat and orderly truck cabs

For the finest outcomes, trainees seeking the Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, or Heavy Rigid license in Brisbane come to Truck license Brisbane. We provide instruction in a centralised training facility of the gateway arterial. We begin your instruction in a neighborhood with little traffic so that our clients can get a feel for the truck without being pressured by other road users.

Our Top Excellent Courses

Truck driver courses for the Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination, and Multi Combination licenses are a Truck Licence Brisbane specialty. Our Driver School in Brisbane offers affordable heavy vehicle driving training. You can obtain all the information you need to choose the course you need right here.

Light Rigid Licence

A truck, bus, prime mover, tractor, or mobile crane is considered a light rigid vehicle if it is GVM is more significant than 4.5 tons but less than 8 tons, with or without a trailer that weighs no more than 9 tons GVM. More than 12 adults can fit in a light, rigid vehicle.

Medium Rigid Licence

A truck, bus, prime mover, tractor, or mobile crane over 8t GVM with a maximum of two axles, with or without a trailer under 9 tons GVM, is considered a medium rigid vehicle.

Heavy Rigid Licence

A truck, bus, prime mover, tractor, or mobile crane over 8t GVM with more than two axles, with or without a trailer under 9 tons GVM, is called a heavy rigid vehicle. A bus with an articulated midsection can bend.

Multi Combination Licence

A B-double is a Multi Combination of a prime vehicle mover towing two semitrailers, with one semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semitrailer. A truck train motor vehicle, other than B-double, towing two or more trailers.

Highly experienced Instructors

Our mission proclamation

Truck Licence Brisbane strives to deliver training services with integrity and excellence that add value to people and businesses as a premier provider of training and assessment services.

These driver truck training service include cutting-edge and novel solutions for the transport and training sectors.

  • Our training’s goal:

    Truck Licence Brisbane is dedicated to assuring our customers that their quality goals will be achieved. Our training goal is to provide students with the highest quality truck driver training possible so they can significantly contribute to the productivity and efficiency of their workplace or environment while upholding the highest levels of workplace health and safety standards. Our training objective is not simply to provide training material for the sake of itself or our company. The security of our customers is indeed our top priority.

  • Top guidelines for training and evaluation:

    The business employs people with the necessary skills and experience to conduct assessments related to the training materials it offers and to conduct training.

    Following the registration’s scope, we have established learning and assessment methodologies.

    The evaluation will adhere to the competency standards requirements and be fair, valid, trustworthy, and flexible.

What do we deem to be top-notch truck driver training?

Our Brisbane driving lessons provide there is never more than one pupil in a truck to put your needs first. Unlike other truck-driving schools, we do not pack our pupils into a truck for observation time. Trucking schools use observation time to minimise expenses and fudge the hours of behind-the-wheel instruction while providing the student with little value.

It refers to pupils sitting in the truck and watching each other drive. At Truck License Brisbane, we think that learning to drive should involve practicing driving. We prioritise our student’s success in obtaining their truck licenses, safety on the road, and thorough driving instruction. To conserve money, we do not make concessions.

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Had my HR training from them, absolutely professional and spot on. Trainer was extremely patient and knowledgeable. The staff is also very cooperative and flexible to your needs and availability. Passed my test in first attempt and all thanks to GDT. Would recommend to everyone who is looking to get a heavy vehicle licence. Excellent experience overall, good work guys, Cheers!

Mark Andrew