Are you considering obtaining a Light Rigid Licence Brisbane?

A Light Rigid Licence is a stage upgrade from a Truck Licence Brisbane, and to be eligible for one, you must have held a Light Rigid Licence for at least 12 months.

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Obtain 100% assured Light Rigid Licence

A Light Rigid Licence Brisbane is required for anyone who intends to travel in a motorhome or wants to drive a light truck for work weighing 4.5 and 8t. One of the most respected and well-known driving school. We provide a nationally renowned truck driving license for all types of vehicles. If you want to stay in Brisbane and get driver training and a Light Rigid licence, make an appointment with our Truck Licence Brisbane.

Our qualified and effective instructors guarantee the most pleasant driving experience at a competitive price. This course is intended for motorists who want to acquire the abilities and information required to achieve a Light Rigid Drivers Licence. It is perfect for people looking for work as truck or bus drivers in the transportation sector. Participants can have limited driving expertise in big vehicles.

What is a Light Rigid Licence?

  • Your Light Rigid License is known as an LR Licence. It permits you to operate slightly bigger vehicles and is the first step above your automobile licence.
  • It is the least expensive and most accessible truck licence to obtain. MR Licence, however, offers superior value.

Requirements for entry:

Depending on your choice, you may select a half-day, one-day, or two-day course. The prerequisites for submitting an LR licence application are as follows: 

  • Participants must have a valid driving licence.

  • You must keep identity documentation.

  • You must be able to operate a manual transmission truck.

  • You must pass the test on transport road rules.

Keep in mind to dress appropriately, wearing the proper footwear.

Who can apply for a LR Licence?

Most occupations that demand an LR licence are part of multiple vocations. This LR Licence is for labourers and delivery professionals, minibus drivers for couriers and airport shuttles, and a few bus driver positions.

We recommend upgrading to an MR Licence if you are acquiring your heavy vehicle licence to improve your skills and land a new job. They are just as simple and inexpensive, but they provide far more variety in the vehicles you can drive.

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What vehicle can you operate with a Light Rigid license?

  • An 8t GVM or less light vehicle.
  • A small bus with a maximum gross weight of 8t GVM and seating capacity for no more than 12 persons, the driver included any of the automobiles above pulling a trailer with a maximum weight of 9T GVM.

Top Qualities for obtaining an LR License:

Obtaining your LR License is a pretty simple process with just four steps:

Step 1: Have a valid, provisional, or open driver’s licence for at least a year.

Step 2: Pass the driver knowledge test administered by the Brisbane Department of Transport.

Step 3: Enroll in a licensed training program to learn how to drive light rigid vehicles.

Step 4: Pass your licence test for a light-rigid vehicle.

Why choose us to get your Light Rigid licence?

There are a lot of businesses where you can earn your Light Rigid licence. However, for the following reasons, you should finish your training with our Truck Licence in Brisbane:

  • We charge less when you have your licence, pass the exam, plus pay the test booking fee.
  • We make things more straightforward because you can visit one location to complete your classes and testing on the same day.
  • You can’t go wrong with over 7,000 tests that have been successful in the years and a record of over 99%.