Today Truck Licence Brisbane is the go-to option for the truck driving industry when looking to obtain an HC licence in Brisbane through high-quality HC truck courses.

Our truck driving school has many years of expertise in the truck driver training sector. Our teachers proudly boast an exceptional first-time success rate for licence examinations, and we work hard to provide the most efficient heavy combined truck courses throughout Brisbane.

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What can you drive with HC Licence?

  • An HR Truck with a trailer attached that weighs more than 9t GVM
  • A prime mover with a trailer that weighs more than 9t GVM and more than 8t GVM
  • A specifically built vehicle with a trailer that weighs more than 9t and a tractor with more than 8t of gross vehicle weight
  • A tipper and dog truck and float trailer, or a sizeable rigid truck with a GVM greater than 15t and at least three axles and a trailer with a GVM greater than 9t.

Drivers who already possess a Medium or Heavy Rigid Drivers Licence and seek to increase their knowledge and skill set should enrol in this course. The ability to operate a semi-trailer, truck and dog and truck and pig combinations requires a Heavy Combination Licence.

heavy combination licence Brisbane

Learning objectives:

  • Road law
  • Conducting cabin inspections
  • Doing pre-drive safety checks
  • Connecting and uncoupling a trailer
  • Beginning and Stopping order
  • Stop or park the trailer.
  • Handling and turning
  • Planning and reversing
  • Vehicle placement
  • Driving defensively
  • Control system for the vehicle
  • Highway and city driving

Entry Requirements:

  • Participants must possess a valid driver’s licence.
  • Have an MR or HR licence and had it for at least a year
  • Payment for the practical driving test
  • Completed the Brisbane Transport Road Rules test
  • Provide your essential identification document
  • Wear the proper clothing, including runners or fully enclosed shoes.

Excellent tips on this HC Licence:

  • A 90-minute class is frequently preferable to an hour-long one for pupils since it gives them more time to practise coupling and uncoupling the trailer, practise reversing, and driving around.
  • The highest class to which you can advance is the HC licence if you have an MR licence and have held it for at least a year.
  • You should consider going straight to an MC licence if you currently hold an HR licence and have at least 12 months of driving experience. This is because competency-based training is used to obtain an MC licence rather than taking the driving test through the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • In order to understand the fundamentals of double clutching before attaching the trailer, if you are upgrading to an Unconditional Licence, we utilise the truck without a trailer at first. You will only be billed at the HR rate.
  • Getting a Heavy Combination Licence may be an easy procedure if you already have an unrestricted MR or HR licence. You will receive an unconditional HC Licence and permission from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to tow the trailer with an automated truck. Since you currently possess this licence, there is no need to demonstrate a Road Ranger or Crash gearbox.

What happens on the test day procedure?

  • Meet a trainer for a one-hour warm-up session before the assessment.
  • Carry your licence
  • Getting to the testing location is necessary 20 minutes before test time.
  • Present your driver’s licence and the completed yellow application form to the transportation department.
  • Read the driving examiner’s message.
  • Take the test with the examiner.
  • Refrain from letting your nerves or the personality of the examiner divert you from the chore at hand, which is to drive safely and obtain your licence. The examiner is required to give clear and early directions while you are taking the driving test. Sometimes they will chat with you, and others may remain quiet.
  • After the test, the examiner will go through any mistakes and let you understand whether you passed or failed the test.
  • If you pass, the customer care centre will provide you with a new licence as the paperwork are finished.
  • If you fail, you will have to take another practical test.
  • Verify that any outstanding traffic fines have been paid.

Why choose us?

If you want to change occupations or advance your skills, you must obtain an HC-heavy combination licence.

  • This is where you may get your HC truck licence and learn to operate an HC heavy vehicle at Truck Licence Brisbane.
  • We provide various training options leading to an HC licence, such as private classes, our Licence in a Day option, or a streamlined program for mastering the double clutching method.
  • Do you have any prior knowledge or experience with towing trailers? You can opt to proceed directly to your MC Multi combination truck licence if you are qualified. Our HC and MC truck licence training courses are thorough, adaptable, and effectively approved by registered training organisations.
  • We also provide on-site group training, and our teachers can travel to your company’s location in Brisbane for your employee’s upskilling.