With a MR licence from our Truck Licence Brisbane, you could launch a career in the transportation sector if you have held a course driving licence for at least 12 months.

Our Truck Licence Brisbane is a proper training partner throughout Brisbane and has flexible delivery choices that can offer skills and information that will open up work chances and career advancement.

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The delivery of our MR licence Brisbane course

Our truck driving school Brisbane understands the need for flexibility and provides a variety of convenient choices to get you behind the wheel. Our  MR Licence training programs are available throughout Brisbane. Decide on the option that best suits you.

  • Our Medium Rigid Licence Brisbane course provides complete flexibility based on personal needs and enables you to schedule sessions across several weeks to lead to a convenient test time.
  • Hours or more at a time
  • Pay in advance or on demand.
  • Tests every three to five weeks
  • Our test-ready all-inclusive in bundle
  • Up to eight hours of instruction spread across two or three days, including driving time and the practical test
  • Include the test booking fee
  • Courses are held from Monday through Saturday.
  • Driving time of six hours, including practise runs
  • Excellent for seasoned and assured drivers
medium rigid licence Brisbane

Our MR License Course consists of:

  • The Department of Transportation and Main Roads booking fee is paid on or before the first lesson.
  • Three hours total for the practical test with the Department of Transportation and Main Roads, including warm-up, test, and license application while driving our vehicle with an assessor
  • Major Training has scheduled all of your assessments and classes.

Top requirements for student entry:

  • You must have had your present license for a specific time to apply for a higher license class. It must have happened within the last five years, excluding any time your license was suspended, surrendered, canceled or expired.
  • Possess a class C or LR/MR licence open or provisional for 12 months.
  • Pay the Department of Transportation and Main Roads test booking cost.
  • Pass the test on heavy vehicles.

MR Licence: Manual or Automatic?

There are three different types of MR licences available:

  • It only enables you to operate automatic-gearing MR trucks.
  • Enables you to operate an automatic or synchromesh gearbox to operate MR trucks
  • The same gearbox used in manual autos is called a synchromesh gearbox. If you are accustomed to driving a manual car, shifting gears on this truck should be fine.

Because nearly all contemporary Medium Rigid Trucks use Synchromesh gearboxes, a Condition B restriction won’t significantly affect the types of Medium Rigid vehicles you can operate.

  • With this licence, you can operate medium rigid trucks with automatic, synchromesh, or crash gearboxes.
  • You must pass your test in our Unrestricted Heavy Rigid Truck if you must operate an MR truck with a crash gearbox.

Prerequisites for our Brisbane’s MR truck lessons:

You must complete a practical driving test and have held a class C automobile or class R or RE motorcycle licence for at least a year to upgrade your licence to a heavy vehicle licence. To demonstrate that you are familiar with the safety criteria for operating a medium rigid truck, you must also pass a written test on heavy vehicle traffic regulations.

What you can drive with your Medium Rigid Truck Licence:

You are permitted to drive under Brisbane Department of Main Roads and Transport regulations.

  • A vehicle mass over 8000kg
  • A bus with or without a trailer, with a maximum GVM of 9t and no more than 2 axles
  • A truck with a prime mover and either a trailer with a maximum weight of 9 t GVM or both
  • A specially built vehicle such as a tractor, with or without a trailer, with no more than 9t GVM.

After receiving truck training at Truck License Brisbane, you can apply for various lucrative work prospects in the logistics and transportation sector once you have obtained a Medium Rigid Truck license. This employment could be for delivery drivers, furniture movers, bus drivers for Brisbane City Council, and more.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Deposits will be kept if cancellations are made during business hours with fewer than 3 days of advance notice.
  • If more than 72 hours notice is given, the deposit will be reimbursed less administration and booking fees.
  • There may be late costs.

Benefits of picking our Truck License Brisbane:

  • Our Truck License Brisbane offers flexible training and skill evaluation alternatives to assist you in becoming eligible for your MR driver’s license .
  • Our training facility serves Brisbane and specialises in quick and adaptable heavy vehicle and truck driving courses.
  • At our specially constructed truck and heavy vehicle training facility, we offer Training and evaluation for every type of heavy vehicle, including the Medium Rigid vehicle driver’s license.