10 Common faults when driving

Drivers generally tend to deny their driving mistakes and blame it on others, you will hear them saying.
“It’s his mistake!”

“He came out of nowhere!”

“He crashed into me, Darn it!”

“Let’s show him how to drive!”

Instead of realizing their own mistake they blame the mistake on other drivers when a mishap happens. But did you ever ask your conscience, “Is it really his fault? Or maybe I should improve the way I drive?

If you are an expert in truck driving school, you should never forget a few fundamentals while driving so it is easier for you and safer for others to drive.

We, Truck Licence Brisbane, listed 10 mistakes while driving

  1.   Zoning-Out when driving

Its very important to pay attention while driving, your focus should be on the road and who is ahead of you. To avoid minor scratches our school recommends to pay attention while driving. Avoid using your smartphone for texting, calling or reading and you should not listen to loud music too.


  1.   Driving Aggressively

Aggressive driving is a reason for fatal accidents and injuries, apart from a speeding ticket you can get yourself and others killed. Driving aggressively also includes tailgating, and jumping red lights. You should always allow yourself ample time to complete the trip and drive with a safety cushion.


  1.   Faulty Road Turns

Drivers often take road turns without checking blind spots. It’s important that you should be at the most right side of the curb or highway whilst making a right turn.

If you face problems while turning you should check proper rules which you should make sure of while turning the next time.


  1.   Drunk-Driving

Driving requires the utmost focus and attention. A single faulty decision can make you pay a hefty toll on your life. So you should be at your best while driving, so there is no chance of Alcohol. It affects your cognitive abilities and decision making.

Always ask others to drive when you are down on Vodka.



  1.   Tailgating

Drivers don’t maintain proper distance with others while driving, this happens when a driver tries t put pressure on the vehicle in front of them. Its advisable to maintain a safe distance with the car up ahead, the thumb rule is that you should stay 3 seconds back so that you can avoid accidents to keep yourself and others safe.


  1.   Ignoring regular maintenance

Its very essential to do weekly maintenance checks. Maintain proper tire pressure and don’t let them get flat. Check your brake lights, and maintenance oil and everything is in place when you start driving. In the end you rely on your last-minute brakes when you need to stop immediately. Make sure your tire pressure is alright and look for minor cracks and bulges.


  1.   Not using Headlights

Drivers generally tend to make this mistake. Headlights are manufactured to provide maximum road visibility, especially at nighttime. Make sure to turn on your lights when its dark. It is used to improve road visibility during bad weather conditions.

They should be clean and working properly. Some drivers ignore bad weather though it is not dark, it is advisable to turn on lights whenever required.


  1.   Improper use of Mirrors

Mirrors are just not for looks, they are a very integral part of your vehicle that helps you to see a clear picture of your surroundings. Our school recommends ensuring that mirrors are clean and at the right position while driving. Always take time to look at your mirrors and make sure that you completely see what’s happening in your surroundings while making a decision.


  1.   Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Seat belts are a boon for our lives, they play a vital role in reducing the damage caused by an impact of a hard object. They reduce the severity of facial or head injuries and will prevent you from being thrown when you make a sudden stop. If you don’t wear seat belts at all its time to change your habits and start wearing seat belts.


  1. Failing to adjust to severe weather conditions

Whenever you notice that the weather is adverse and it will affect your driving, slow down. If its raining, slow down a bit, if it’s a storm then stop your car under a shed and do not drive.


It is human to make driving mistakes, but following these tips will make your driving easier and better.


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