Multi Combination Licence:

Drive a multi-combination vehicle with Truck Licence Brisbane’s MC license:

Obtain an MC licence from our Truck Licence Brisbane and the knowledge necessary to operate road trains and B-doubles. Our exceptional-quality MC licence instruction is provided by a trained crew in our well-maintained fleet of modern vehicles, with different locations and flexible delivery options.

Our specially designed facilities are convenient and great for practical training when getting your MC truck licence. Learn more from Truck Licence Brisbane about obtaining your MC truck licence in the following points.

mc licence Brisbane

What is MC Licence?

The highest level of the road transportation sector is the Multi-Combination Truck Licence. It is the most prestigious and challenging licence you can obtain in Australia.

The greatest work opportunities and the capacity to operate almost any vehicle come along with the training’s rigidity.

MC licence Brisbane Overview:

This MC truck licence training is intended for severe road professionals who need to refresh or update their knowledge of contemporary driving techniques.

The ex-fleet prime movers and trailers used by our Brisbane truck driving school for a multi-combination licence in Brisbane are contemporary. They reflect the opportunities and needs of the current transportation sector.

In addition to having experience in the business, our multi-combination truck teachers are also attentive, kind, and considerate of your training requirements. To give you the most pleasing learning experience possible, they will offer you a unique and thorough training program customised to your particular needs. Licensed vehicles that you may operate include:

  • A class HC vehicle
  • A double B, a prime mover towing 2 semitrailers, with one semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semitrailer
  • A road train is a motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing 2 or more trailers on other side motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing 2 or more trailers
multi combination licence Brisbane

Top requirements to apply for MC Licence:

To apply for a Multi Combination licencing class, you must:

  • Possess a class HR or HC licence that you have held for at least a year.

You must also have held the necessary licence class for both the previously mentioned time and this one:

  • Definitely, during the previous five years
  • Either continuous or composed of various discrete periods of time

The Licensing Process:

  • To apply for the next higher level of licence, you must have your current licence class and have held it for the necessary time.
  • Pay the test money and succeed on the road rules portion.
  • Pay the practical driving test money, schedule the exam, and pass it.

Our Multi-Combination training learning:

During your Multi-Combination licence training, you will learn everything you need to know to operate one of these complex vehicles.

Along with learning the theory as indicated in the Multi Combination Truck, you will also learn the practical aspects, such as how to build and connect several trailers and reverse with multiple trailers.

Eligibility for driving a multi-combination vehicle:

You must have a specific licence class before being qualified to advance to the subsequent higher class. This time may be one continuous period or a collection of separate periods. You cannot consider any period during which your licence is revoked or suspended when figuring this time frame. Mandatory holding period:

  • A valid HR or HC licence must have been continuously held for at least a year.
  • You cannot obtain a Multi-Combination licence if you currently own an LR or MR licence.

Best skills needed to participate in our Course:

To be admitted to our program, applicants must be able to do the following:

  • Read and understand pertinent rules, guidelines, manuals, notifications, and signs that are important to their driving activities in the road transportation industry.
  • Speak concisely and clearly on issues about driving operations in the road transportation sector.
  • Complete paperwork as part of your responsibilities, fill out all the necessary forms, etc.
  • Identify issues that arise during driving operations for the road transportation industry and either fix them or report them.
  • Recognise potential issues that might arise while performing driving operations in the transportation sector, and take the necessary measures to report or address them within your authority.
  • Recognise dangers and hazards in various driving operation circumstances in the road transportation sector.
  • React appropriately to changes in the working environment, standard operating procedures, or equipment.
  • Adhere to and practise operational and emergency plans, systems, and procedures.
  • Follow all applicable rules and guidelines for road safety.
  • Gather and analyse data required for driving operations in the transportation sector within the bounds of responsibility

How to enrol in our MC driver training program:

  • One of our fully qualified trainers and assessors conducts B Double Brisbane Truck training and evaluations.
  • You need to upgrade your licence from vehicle orientation through the evaluation and declaration of attainment, and we offer thorough training. This competency-based training program walks you through theory, practice, and assessment.
  • We will give you a statement of accomplishment to present to Brisbane transport so they can enhance your licence after your trainer and assessor have determined that you are fully competent.